Hello! I’m Thrilochana Rajappa.

Thrilochana Rajappa

I am a public speaker and blogger by choice. A traveler, trekker, marathon runner and an occasional swimmer. I am also an employee at one of the multitude software companies in the silicon valley of India.

My varying interests like agriculture, philosophy, culture, education and technology ensures that I have something to speak with everyone I meet. And this has made me find brilliant mentors and wonderful friends in the people I speak with. They motivate me, encourage me, listen to me and at times they laugh at my bizarre ideas.

I was born in a small village named Kamenahalli belonging to Chikmagalur district in the south Indian state of Karnataka. My parents are farmers. I had to leave home and my village at a very early age in pursuit of a better education. Started my hostel life from 4th standard.

I vividly remember an incident from my 9th grade, which laid foundation to my aspiration to speak in front of a crowd. It was a speech competition conducted in my school on the occasion of Independence Day. I was on the dais and giving my speech and I mispronounced a word. As would be expected in schools, the audience (which was apparently the entire school) started laughing. To say that I was initially embarrassed would be an understatement. But having learnt the hard way to hold my ground, I took long breath and spoke into the microphone loud and clear “It is easy to laugh sitting there in the crowd. Would anyone like to come here on the dais and give a speech?” Again, as expected in schools, my question was met with silence. Almost anybody who was in that school during that time remembers me from this incident. And just like that, I was famous. The incident got me thinking about the skill that is public speaking.

Computer Science graduate from Bangalore Institute of Technology, Bengaluru. Hold a Post graduate diploma in Information technology from SCDL, Pune.

Interested in trekking and traveling. Have trekked extensively in the western ghats hills and have completed two Himalayan treks. One in Sikkim, Goechala trek and the other in Sar pass in Himachal Pradesh. Pursued theater for almost three years, was part of two complete productions.’The first one was ‘Rumors’ written by Neil Simon and directed by Archit Kalkunte. The second was ‘Touching and moving’ written by Ajay Krishnan and directed by Vinod Ravindran’. Writing and blogging has been one of my core interests since my college days. I have written Kannada essays, short stories, Plays and travel stories. One of the short plays I had written for children has been adopted as part of Mentor India program.

Since school days I have been involved in many social and organizational activities. Starting from YCS/YSM (Young student movement), I was a president of YSM high school. I was a student coordinator of akshay urja club at BIT, Bangalore during my engineering days. When I was in Hyderabad, was associated with Nirmaan, an NGO. There, I spent many weekends teaching English language at a government Telugu medium school for two years. I was associated with NBC and was part of creating wildlife awareness at schools.

Since January 2016, I have been working with the government school in my village to involve community in education. I have been trying to use design thinking methods to get the community together and help the school.

The books I have read, The People I have met, The places I have visited have been crucial in shaping me.

This website will be a medium for me to write on public speaking, minimalism, motivation and my interested topics. I also have a tiny hope that this might be helpful for someone.

You can also read my personal Kannada blog here. Kannada is a language spoken in Indian state Karnataka.

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