Name and Identity

Last Sunday I had been to the hostel where I had stayed during my engineering. It was an annual fest. This time I was asked to be on stage with all the experienced trustees and honorable chief guest. I was representing alumni association of my hostel. I am one the core committee members of alumni association. Many thoughts were rushing through my mind. It has been 8 long years since I left this place. Eight years ago, I was leading this annual fest as a student.

I was remembering the fights, laughs, an accident, fund collection and so many other memories. These fests actually gave me some of the leadership, communication, networking and persuasive skills. These fests kept me awake until mid-night. These fests gave me a bunch of good friends. These fests gave me the fame in hostels and colleges! I learnt so many life skills through these events and fests.

Some of the incidents were significant. They create a mark in our life. While I was sitting on the stage looking at the students one of the incident moved me a little. I thought I should share that incident with all of you and write about its importance.

The inaugural program had to start at 10 30 AM. We had two guests to the program. It was almost 10:20 AM. One of the guest had not yet arrived. All the trustees and other guest were in president’s chamber. I was coordinating between president’s chamber and stage. Meanwhile I was preparing for my welcome speech. Our president asked me, where is the second guest? I said I had called him an hour ago, he had told me that he will be on time. He asked me, could you please call him up again and check the status. I took up the phone on his table and rang his number. It was that old landline. The mobile calls were too costly. Phones were connected. Hello Sir, One of the RBDGTC hostel student is speaking here. Where exactly are you sir? He answered; I am in the corner of the road I will be there in 2 minutes. He was on time. As soon as I kept the phone, I informed few friends to come to president’s chamber to receive dignitaries.

It’s just 50 meters walk to the stage. At 10 30 AM, I requested everyone to join our student’s welcome committee. The girls who came to delegate the guests were dressed up in sarees and they were looking amazing. Guests were in the front and trustees in the middle and president took the last line that day. I was accompanying our hostel president. He is a retired Director General Police (DGP) of Karnataka, An Indian State. As soon as the guests, trustees walked out of the room, he held my left hand and pulled me towards him. In a low tone, he asked me. Do you have a name? Yes Sir, I do. How long will you be in a shadow of your father or your college or your hostel? I was puzzled. He continued, when you call a person you should tell your name first. However, you introduced yourself, as you are one of the student. I did not like it. You should build your own identity and you should come out of any such shadows. I nodded silently.

I had interacted with him many times for many reasons, he had corrected me many times when I was wrong and appreciated me in front of everyone many times.  This incident made me think about it. It is so important to tell the world our name proudly. That carries an identity. I made it point to tell my name with full energy from that day. As soon as I start a fresh conversation I make sure I introduce about myself with proudness. I observe many of my friends forget to introduce themselves. we often demean ourselves. We really love when our name is called right, Don’t we? It is sweet for ourselves at least. So next time tell your name with profoundness, don’t be shy to tell your name. It carries you, you should be proud about it. If not you, who else?

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