Simple takeaways from experiences

Today, woke up little late as it is Saturday. Normally we go for cycling on Saturdays. Our cycling group is not as active as before hence I didn’t see much motivation to wake up and go for cycling all alone. After some time I made up my mind to go for a walk in the nearby park. As I had a meeting with my mentee at 9 AM, headed to a local cafe had two crispy idlies and a half glass of hot filter coffee and went for a walk in the park at 8 AM.  I am helping one rural student in his communication and to improve his confidence. He is the first person to get a degree in his entire family and belongs to the first generation to go to school. As a mentor, I meet him every Saturday morning at a park near my house and talk to him for an hour. As much as he learns from me, I learn equally from him.   Have been interacting with many rural students since a few years, the biggest challenge I see is their motivation level. Many of them think they are not smart, they can not speak English, they don’t look good, they are less than their friends, they can not clear their job interviews(because they had failed in few) and they feel inferior by comparing to many people around them.

That is one part of the story. I work in a software firm. Even here, with the best jobs on this planet, we see people with no motivation. we complain we hold grudges, we either feel superior or inferior, we are busy proving someone else wrong many times and pass on the problems. There is a common thing in both sets of people.

Today, I had my second meeting with my new mentee. My mentee was sad that some of his friends have told him that he looks ugly. Along with it, we discussed some challenges and watched a Ted talk by Richard Turere and dispersed. While coming back home, I was thinking why do people feel inferior, why do some people insult others, why do people feel insecure, why do some people act silly.

Some thoughts popped up from my mind. I try to give a shape to those thoughts here in few lines. I strongly believe that human being is an experiential animal. He is because of his past experiences. So, went on thinking and connecting the dots. How did experiences shape me? Did they really help me? Am I what I am today because of experiences? So, questionnaire continued. Took my phone and called up my friend Omprakash and told about my new finding. Our debate went on for a while. The question raised was how to gain this experience? What should we do to become more of us? Interesting, isn’t it? There are many ways to improve our experiences, I try to list a few.

Meet new people

At least once in a week meet a new person. Talk,  listen, observe, Debate and learn from the new person. Remember to be an open minded person when you meet a new person. Prejudices do not help us.

Read a book

If you are a book lover, fantastic! Books are great means of widening our experiences. They provoke and chuckle with our thoughts. Over years the books we read start giving us more perspectives about every situation.


There are a lot of books, blogs, and stories about travel. Yes, this is one thing which broadens our experiences. Take sometime travel to the new place. Travel need not be to a far off place it can be any place around you. Make an effort to know the significance of the place and any historical significance will definitely add value.

Break the routine

The modern world is built on routine. Often do something apart from your daily core. Go watch a play, attend a music concert, visit an art gallery, visit a nearby park, do whatever you want. Break the routine 🙂


We always see the return on investment(ROI) for everything. Volunteering helps us to see the world in a better manner. We start feeling positive and happy for it. try it!

This list can go on. These are very few as of now in my mind. Readers may think of much more. Feel free to put them in the comments section.  Ask this question. Am I what I am today because of experiences?


  1. Well written. Concise and easy to inculcate into daily life.
    Quoting a profound yet simple thought from Jiddu 😊. It’s on the same lines as the content of this blog
    “The ability to observe without evaluating is the highest form of intelligence.”
    Jiddu Krishnamurti

  2. Stretching out of comfort zone, taking minimal risks, participating in decision making are also few I believe that shape us. But nothing can beat “learning from failures” in building up one’s experience.

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